Earth Hour

Prediction of Catastrophic Disaster in the world shown in the movies are either we are going to be eaten alive by zombies, the world will be rock by a super strong earthquake follow by a huge deadly tsunami that will wipe out everything and will turned the whole world to ice as if it’s ice age all over again or we will be colonized by Aliens or the earth will be burned by the suns or will be hit by Big meteor and the earth will explode. Whatever the case it all boils down to Mother Nature. If we take care of the our Natural Resources, Nature will take care of us in return. But When Mother Nature becomes unbalance and unstable its the end of world no doubt.I’m not sure and I don’t how the world will end (Be it either, as I said from too much heat, too much cold, too much water or by something monster)  and I also don’t know how if I were to choose how. But when that time comes, I do hope and I pray to God that goodness will comes first from everyone before anything else. Help each other. Yes people will fight for their life, but there are always other people who will think highly of themselves as if their life is more important than the others that they are willing to leave other people behind or use or throw other people in the pit of danger just to save their stupid moron ass. I also do hope that by this time, we have already created robots army that will come in handy just in case zombies decided to rule the world. Earth is our only home and refuge. We can’t eat money. We have to take care of it and continue nourishing it. We have a huge responsibility to it not just in our government and society. Let’s take part in making our world a peaceful and healthy place not just for ourselves and our families but also for the next generation to come.


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