The Shallows

“I’m not gonna Die Here” Blake Lively firmly said as she was trap in an isolated reef while a large great white shark circled her in a beach called paradise.

Blood’s in the water, shark is circling. What starts out as fun surfing day at the beach turns into a deadly trap she must fight a way to escape and survive. It seems impossible to escape it, to be in an isolated reef far from the shore, nowhere to go with high tide approaching that will soon submerged the reef she found an interim safe place from the shark. But with her presence of mind, boldness and survival instinct, she was able to form a plan how to survive and face the shark that threatens to eat her alive.

The large great white shark in my Life is the fear of jumping out of that reef and onto water to get to the safety of the shore. But I can’t, I don’t know how and I feel trap just like Blake Lively. The high tide approaching is the time I feel wasted every moment I decided to stay on that stupid reef. I’m not gonna die here too. Fuck that shark.

Well to do that I must do what Blake Lively did. Observe.  She observes and clock the time it takes the shark to do a circuit around her. Boldness and Skill. She is a strong swimmer and a surfer and she was able to turn the table from the shark that eventually kills it.


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