Shopaholic – a Guilty Pleasure




Practicing self Control or delay gratification (I know where you heard it. Now I got your attention :D) is harder than I thought. Whenever I see a red tag in 50% or a huge red banner with bold White Letters screaming SALE, i can’t stop making a detour to the store where I should be walking straight to the station for my ride home. Instead I found myself fishing pieces of clothes from rack after rack, and everything I read about when to splurge and when to save suddenly becomes nonsense, as if it were suck by a black hole and into the void as if it never existed. Especially when the your surrounding is very stimulating that fuel your desire more to horde everything you touch. You know what I mean, pack of people, a rack and bins with label 500 pesos and under, the looks on their faces like wow a trench coat for Php 700, holding pieces like their life depends on it, people fighting for sizes like a survival competition, people panic buying, grabbing everything and putting it on their shopping bag – I even saw this girl brought her nanny along to help her hold the other shopping bag full of clothes- and a never ending long line at the fitting room and at the cash register. In the middle of my self possessed shopaholic, my senses somehow find its way back to me and pull me out of the spell. And those voices comes to my head and speak to me in its most pristine voice: DO YOU NEED IT or YOU JUST WANT IT? Think really hard before buying. Leave it first, Jess Wilson sister of Georgina Wilson talked to me in my head, leave the store for a moment and if in 1 hour or a couple more you forgot about it, leave it.I These words comes to me, remembering it from the book “Besties” by George and Sos, and Jess Wilson took part of it when they talked about financial and saving – This book is definitely not just for beauty, its for brain also as it is so informative and for your body too.

255081982016-03-18 01.43.11 1.jpg









One of the tip Jess Wilson gave me, is to divide your money by 50-for monthly dues /20- for fun /30- for savings which is a good balance for security and fun. Budget your money on separate envelopes and label them as rent bills, phone bills, grocery and something you like to save some money on like travel, bag, shoes, new cellphone, books and anything your hearts desires. In this way you can watch your expenses and won’t blow up your credit card bills. Other tip comes from somewhere I read before but i can’t remember anymore who said or who wrote it and it is to use delay gratification. Its a reward for yourself if you done a good job about something and you feel good about it and want to celebrate it. But I’m not good at it. If see something, I want it now but depends on how much I want it. Because sometimes when i already had it like a dress or something, and I can’t make it work for my style, I realized at the end that I don’t really want it as much as I initially did. I’m a impulsive kind of buyer. I think we all are. Especially those marketing strategy right now that makes you buy something immediately like in beauty department. They make their label easy to read. They gave all the information to their client directly like face wash for combination skin. They’re very straight forward that makes it easy for people, especially those who are in restricted in time, busy people,to just grab it because it says in the label what they are looking for.

Finally If you really need to put an end to your urge of buying,like myself. Put yourself out of misery and buy something. But something that speak loudlProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presety of who you are, who you want to be, how would you want to be perceived by other people.

Caroline De Maigret of How to be PARISIAN wherever you are, whisper to me to buy something that will be your Signature Item – a vital detil that brings her outfit together from head to toe. Its a piece that makes you feel confident, strong and sexy whenever you wear it.




Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset







Signature Item – a vital detail that brings your outfit together from head to toe. Its a piece that makes you feel confident, strong and sexy whenever you wear it.





So of the 5 items I tried on, I decided to get only one, something I can wear with more than one style. Something I don’t have in my closet right now. The Denim Jacket. It shed a couple of thousand of Pesos off my allowance for the week but its a good investment. And it suit my body type because its a crop one.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

And besides it never goes out of style, I can wear it any season and it will last me for a lifetime. Sorry if I sound like I’m justifying this jacket. As far I know, this is my
Signature Item.


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