Jung inWonderland

So I have this obsession recently, exactly 5 weeks ago, which I obsessively following online. This is the first photo I saw on Instagram while browsing https://www.instagram.com/junginwonderland


Fashion Illustrator


Did you notice the crayola? A used crayola? It blew up my mind!!! I never thought using crayola in illustrating yet alone using it in this kind of generation – where technology is drastically changing the world of art – everyone must be using the Digital Illustration tools. But this young non-digital Illustrators proves that they are not yet obsolete and they are here to stay and they are actually sought after artist, some for the wedding and like this, fashion. And other artist are for the Letterers and makeup Illustrators. The Traditional ways of creating arts is coming back. For the tools she uses, – crayola is just one of them – she also use in illustrating the markers, watercolors and painting and the result is jaw dropping amazing, elegant, chic and glamorous. She currently majoring in Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design in the United States. I want to know more about her so I decided to request if I can interview her and I was so lucky because she agreed to do it. To those who are in the Fashion business book her up now. Check her awesome site http://www.junginwonderland.com  for the details 😉

1. I read from your About page over Jung in Wonderland that at such a young age, you already love to draw, who do you think influence you to draw? Did it start from like doodling at first and eventually creating more distinct shapes and the rest is history.

When I was young- I don’t know why but I loved doodling figures of women. I decorated them by drawing dresses on them. I think this old habit led me to draw fashion illustrations these days.

2. Before you got into Fashion illustrations what do you usually draw when you were young?

Women in dresses and pretty stuff 🙂

3. So From Korea to Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, how did you made this transition?

When I was a high school student at Korea, I wanted to study abroad and learn art. I told my parents about it- and they told me that they would support me to apply for art college in U.S. So I started to build up my portfolio and applied to various art schools. Luckily, I got accepted from Rhode Island School of Design(RISD)- and I am currently a senior at RISD.

4. What influence your work?

I think mediums that I use influence my works a lot. Markers that I use help me to make expressive marks on my drawing- and that creates my own artistic style.

5. Where did you get your inspirations? and how do stay inspired?

I get inspirations from fashion photographies in social medias. I love to see those photos and try to capture that mood by drawing them in my own style.

6. Who do you consider your mentor in arts?

Helpful instructors at RISD. As I am still a student, I get a lot of nice advices from them.

7. And what is the best advice your mentor has gave you?

To believe myself and be myself.

8. All your works are amazing, but have you ever receive any bad comments regarding your work? How do you handle criticism and negative feedback?

First I try to figure out if the negative feedback is helpful to me or not. If I observe it as a helpful comment, I try to apply that advice on my work to enhance it.

9. I considered you a versatile artist as you use different mediums from crayola (I’m so amazed by this), marker and watercolors. But in your own words how would you describe your style?

Delightful, playful and colorful.

10. Do you plan to give tutorial in the future? 🙂

I upload my tutorial video on YouTube once in a week:)
I think I will continue doing this for few years.


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