Planner 2016

You’ll probably see more Red Cups of Starbucks on the street again. Why? Because it’s the month of the year again where Coffee Shops brings out all those card you need fill with stickers to get that coveted Planner 2016. I’m not,was, and will ever be a fan of a planner. I preferred the app planner where there is an alarm and reminder popping on your screen . I feel more effective that way. Though I’m sucker for fashionable and cute journal like Garance Dore (you should check her out) or Kate Spade. But there’s also one thing that makes the planner useless for me. One thing that depicts the sole purpose of it. I don’t have a plan. My plans are like on the spot plan. Like oh you wanna catch up? Ok l”ll meet you up at the coffee shops. Its a no brainer lame excuse I know. Seriously, my days are like same as yesterday and same as it is today for tomorrow. I have to do list but I don’t have one everyday. If I have one, I’ll put it on my app or calendar and put an alarm on it. My work related meetings and reminders are synced to my mobile email. If any of it is due, it’ll make sure I’m going to see it before the actual time of the meeting or activity. If something pop on my mind and I have this amazing idea for story, I type it in my samsung note. So where does the planner fits into my life. None. But there is this kind of planner that I think (and I will) can use. Behold the so called Business Planner.


I actually never thought something like this exist… or it just me? Anyways It is a good planner for those who is going to start their own business. It is very stipulating that helps you bring out those ideas that have been stuck in the back of your mind. My favorite is one of Meg Matteo ILasco (Check.It.Out.Y’all) – the picture above-. It’s a planner and an organizer not just for planning meetings, travels and shopping, it is for turning you crafts or passion into CASH! Isn’t that amazing? This is one for entrepreneur out there and an inspiring entrepreneur out there. One who one to escape that 9-5 workday and this totally fits my need. Can’t wait to get my hands on it actually. I’m swooning over it. So what about you? Do you have your own favorite kind of planner or organizer?


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