CFDA/Vogue The Fashion Fund

There is something about The Fashion Fund that inspires me everytime I watch it. The fact that it deals with different Fashion designer that not only design dress but providing us with a wide selection of merchandise from shoes to denim to shades to the hat along with accessories bag and jewelry design, gives me this kind of excitement to do the same. And What I love the most is it teaching you to become an entrepreneur at such a young age like Tanya Taylor, who was mentored by her Grandfather to build their own business while they were young. The kind of family background that something I wish I had in my Family. Though I must confess, my parents also had business to send us to college but left it as soos as we graduated. And this show gives that kind of hope that I can do it one day. I might not see in flesh the most influential women on fashion industry – Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg and also the presence of the tall and confident with Black specs Jenna Lyons and all other prominent names in both Magazine, Luxury brands and labels and CFDA, but at least I have that kind of push and excitement to do it.


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