I just recently joined an online contest by Writer’s Block Philippines and 2nd Avenue.  The prize? A seat to a workshop for aspiring freelance writers. Well the mechanics is you have to answer the question: What do you love the most about writing? 

Well here’s my response: (The mechanics also says that you need to answer it with 2 to 3 sentences only. The last three sentences are the answer I sent. But this is the longer version).

When you write a striking story and feel like you are watching a movie as you read it. How you can create and picture a person or a place by describing it in an as detailed as possible. The way it takes you away along with your imagination to a place you’ve never been or a place you never thought existing…..only in the back of your mind, a product of your unlimited powerful imagination. How it can entertains you by the character you’ve created and having a control on their lives and words they speaking until they are moving and speaking on their own as if they are alive. And you are there to guide them whenever they feel lost. Laughing with them and crying with them. The way you create hindrances then making them hero at the end. It’s how it makes you feel is what I love the most about writing. Writing can move people, emotionally and mentally and Words can hurt as much as it would with a sharp blade.  It is powerful tool that makes people influential but it comes with great responsibility.

For those who want to join, here’s this link:

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