Late? Don’t Skip on the Good Stuff

Wether it was because of of faulty alarm clock or abnormal body clock/sleeping habit, you shouldn’t compromise on some things we usually overlook or thought to be more important than the other. What are those things? Then keep on reading below.


– I cannot stress more how important sunblock is in our everyday routine. And don’t forget to include your neck not just your face. Think of it as a vitamin you have to intake everyday. You’ll thank yourself ten years after. Well more years after that actually.


 –  No matter how late you are, you shouldn’t skip on breakfast. It’s your first meal of the day and you wouldn’t function properly in the morning and the tendency of being grumpy is high. So don’t forget you AM Fuel. Take it anywhere or anyhow you like. Be it in the car, subway, cab or bus.


 – Thought washing your hair with shampoo everyday is good? Nah! I’ve been there. It actually stips off the natural oil you need in hair to  keep your scalp healthy. Try washing every other day, it will actually make your mane thicker and your hair color last longer.


 – Let your skin breath ladies. You don’t always have to wear it everyday. don’t try to cover your flaws. Try to switch to au naturel from time to time. Show ’em your real beauty, your character, how badass you can be. The real you.

And Lastly……



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