A Good Day to Die Hard

It actually feels good that after putting up a good old fight then having bruises on face and a cut lip with blood to top it all, ending with leaving you as the one standing up.  Sweat and Blood as they say. No pain. No Gain. But the million dollar question is… Was it worth fighting more?


I’m having the same million dollar question on my mind since yesterday. In my current post/job, we already have 3 fallen seniors, leaving 2 juniors and me as the next in line senior. In the absence of the 3, we are now down to 3 man team…well four counting our Chester King. With this impending..should I say doom or opportunity or challenge?… situation, I don’t know if staying with this team and working towards surviving is worthy? I’m not saying it is not a worthy job, worthy people, it is me. To be able to handle this responsibility, I have to face all the odds and bruised, sacrificed myself, my time, my health for this. In short I have to dedicate myself into this, honing my skills for it to work and for me to learn. But again was it worth?

I’m more worried about the time actually, my precious time. I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want spending my time in something that requires me working my ass off the hard way but ending up complaining a lot along the way. I want to spend it in working hard on something and even during hard times and odd times, I know I will still have the drive to still push thru and still inspire and making it through working towards the Goal. At the end of the day, I want that satisfaction feeling and having something to be proud of. And Just like at the end of every hero movie…My current favorite now is The Kingsmen:The Secret Service… every protagonist still have that cocky smile even having a dirty bruise and cut lip with blood on their face and just dusting off his Kingsman Double breasted Suit and still have that confident gait, swaggering while walking after the fight.


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